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My yoga training

I trained with the Amrita School of Yoga Teacher Training, qualifying as a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher in 2008. Since then I have been developing a gentle and restorative approach to yoga, studying with with Susie Hately and Judith Lasater and assisting Judith in training other yoga teachers in restorative yoga. I am a registered Relax and Renew restorative teacher and a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher of yoga in prisons and Minded Institute teacher of the yoga for people recovering from addictions. I continue to work closely and train with the Prison Phoenix Trust and in 2019 also trained as a teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles. I've also had training - and inspiration - from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Rod Stryker, and the Scaravelli-inspired yoga of Sandra Sabatini, Sophie Hoare and Diane Long.

Love and thanks to all my teachers and students.

About Yoga with Chris

I'm a mum of two teenage boys who has been practising yoga since 1995 and teaching it since 2008. Perhaps the best way to describe my approach to yoga is to tell you some of my experiences...

I've been lucky, growing up in a secure and artistic family in the Midlands and, as an adult, having some interesting jobs, for many years as a journalist and anti-poverty campaigner - but also as a barmaid and fruit picker.

But there is a dark side to everyone's life.

I've experienced loneliness, bereavement, insomnia and stress – not to mention a tendency to rely too much on booze to make my problems disappear. Physically, I've suffered neck and shoulder pain and chronic stiffness in my lower back.

The yoga I teach is the yoga that has helped - and still helps - me. It's about finding ways to relax and truly let go, to build strength and stamina and to keep my body functioning well so I can enjoy life.

The yoga I teach is about developing a balance between strength and softness, resilience and openness. As I get older it's about taking care of my body and mind, whatever challenges arise. Over recent years I've been sharing this approach in prisons and other secure settings.

Yoga and meditation offer us all effective tools to navigate the physical and mental challenges in our lives - and to find freedom to live authentically.